About Ian Grant Photography

Ian’s mission is to create a win/win photographic experience that exceeds your expectations by capturing outstanding imagery to tell your story visually.

Ian Grant - Commercial Photographer Toronto


When you read most “About” pages they talk about the company or individual being featured. I am not going to tell you about my years of experience nor the awards won etc. Instead I have chosen to have my “About” page be about you the client and what you can expect when you hire Ian Grant Photography. After all that is why you have stopped by to check out who I am and what I can offer you.



Ian is and always has been passionate about photography. Approaches his vocation as a craft.


Rooftop Solar Panels - Commercial Photography Edmonton by Ian Grant


Photography is more than just pushing a button and taking a picture. It is more about listening to you, the client, to determine what your needs are photographically. After all that is why you are researching photographers – to have some professional photographs taken – right?

Ian will take the time to ask the right questions to determine how you want to present yourself visually, who your market audience is and where you see your images being used. Something as simple as: are the captures all to be horizontal or vertical in orientation? Are we shooting to a layout, will all be discussed. Together we can then formulate a strategy to move forward with the photography. Ian’s goal is to create a win/win experience that exceeds your expectations with outstanding imagery to tell your story visually.


All the photography captured by Ian Grant Photography comes with a Client Satisfaction guarantee.
Ian is confident that his photography will meet or exceed your expectations.

Fields - Landscape Photography Toronto by Ian Grant


Often within 24 hours of the capture you will receive a web gallery of images taken for you to review. Unique file names are used making it easy to chose your "Client Selects". Once your final selections are made our production team generally requires 48 hours to process, format and deliver the “Client Selects” you’ve chosen. The only thing that can cause a slight delay in delivery is the amount of retouching that may be requested, however Ian will let you know in advance of delivery times associated.

Two formats of files are delivered with each job – hi-res JPEG’s and web ready JPEGs. This means that you can drop your images into your social media campaigns or website immediately.(Optional) Electronic portfolio of images captured that incorporates your company branding. On-time and on-budget delivery.

Lady operating a Machine - Industrial Photography Edmonton by Ian Grant


Ian Grant Photography owns the copyright on all images taken. Licensing and usage rates are typically negotiated on a job by job basis following industry standards. So, no surprises.


Wow, these pictures look fantastic!

– Cameron Wakal ,
VP Product / Showbie Inc.

Hi Ian.
Your photos are fantastic! The kiosk really looks beautiful in the space. And thank you for your kind words.

– Paddy Jordan-higgins,
Executive Vice President & Creative Director Holman Inc.

Ian’s personality matches his work – both are excellent! When I first saw Ian’s work I was instantly drawn in by the creativeness and detail of everything. He captured exactly what we were looking for in every shot. He’s a pleasure to work with and quick to get in contact with. Working with him so far has been a pleasure and I look forward to working on projects in the future.”

– Hannah Snyder,
Communications and Graphic Design Specialist / Centria

When we first looked at Ian’s work in preparation for the design phase of this project, it became immediately apparent that the final published product would exceed our original vision. Ian’s photography quickly set the standard for the project and suggested design possibilities which enhanced the nature of the project. Not only did we benefit from the creative excellence of his work but Ian’s quick response to each of our many requests for specific images gave us the assurance that we could meet the tight deadlines set for this project. For those of us who have not had the privilege of visiting St. Joseph Seminary, Ian’s photography has given us the next best way to experience the unique beauty and dignity of this architectural jewel.”

– Ron Tourangeau,
Ph.D. / Manager, Art and Design

Whether it’s in the mill or on location, getting the right shots with minimum disruption to operations or work crews is critical. Having worked with Ian on a number of assignments over the last six years, I know I’m not only going to get what I want, but what he thinks I should have as well – and that’s a bonus.”

– John Murray,
Marketing Manager / Norbord

At Ian Grant Photography we like to keep it simple. We are all about creating an enjoyable experience and working with you and your team for the long term creating images that captivate your audience.

Still have questions? Call or text Ian at (780) 908-8960 to jump on a no-obligation strategy call ($125 value).

Ian Grant specializes in providing Architectural, Industrial, Corporate, Illustration and Landscape photography across Western Canada and the Western USA. Ian has had the pleasure of shooting in many cities that include: Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Seattle, Phoenix, Palm Springs, Los Angeles and Lewisville, TX.

"Corporate imagery, professionally captured”