Ian Grant

Why Light?

I would like to present a comparative of two shots taken of the same space with two different approaches – using only ambient light and adding or supplementing with light (flash). Then break out the studio cost to produce and gear required to capture so that there is an understanding of what is brought to …

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Have Camera Will Travel

I feel very fortunate to do what I do on a daily basis – traveling across North America capturing images for my clients. For 35 years clients have called wanting their products, services or projects captured professionally for use in their marketing or advertising campaigns. My latest endeavour recently found me in LA photographing spaces …

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What is a Pixel?

In today’s world we are surrounded by digital technology. It is everywhere – in our cameras, phones, video devices and computer screens. Pixels are a big part of this new digital technology – but what exactly is a “Pixel”? According to Oxford Dictionaries a Pixel is; pixel/ˈpɪks(ə)l/ noun 1. a minute area of illumination on …

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