Dental and Orthodontic offices are not what they used to be

Over the last couple of years I have had the pleasure of capturing several newly developed dentist and orthodontic office spaces. They certainly aren’t what they were when I was a kid. Now they boast in house sterilization, CAD casting, inviting reception and seating areas, coffee bars and overhead TV’s to help you relax as you recline in the dentist chair. Windermere Orthodontics is no exception. Designed by the all female team at Wolski Design and project managed by Parmas Development Inc. this new space was a challenge and a treat to capture. Normally I capture these spaces at dusk when the outside ambience is lower and more closely matches that of the interior space. This time I decided to try something different to make use of the abundance of sunlight coming into the space. All in a days work at the office as an architectural photographer. JD1363 Wolski Ortho Reception 31618 Web©Ian Grant Inc. PhotographyJD1363 Wolski Windemere Ortho Hygene 31483 WebJD1363 Wolski Windemere Ortho Steri 31574 WebJD1363 Wolski Windemere Ortho Bd Rm 31583 WebJD1363 Wolski Windemere Ortho Office 31705 WebJD1363 Wolski Windermere Ortho Office 31283 Web©Ian Grant Inc. Photography©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

July 4, 2016 by iangrant

"Corporate imagery professionally captured”