“Before” an “After” – Professionally Speaking

In today’s market everyone has a camera, be it an iPhone, Android or conventional DSLR. Many wonder why they should hire a “professional” when they can “take it themselves”. The marketing machines technology leads us to believe that the cameras now can do anything with all the algorithms that they have embedded in their firmware and all you have to do is “push” the button.  Let’s classify these as the “Before”captures.
The Before shot

The Before shot

Thankfully there is still the need for a professional to capture an “After” image that the general folk can not create. We bring to the table years of experience knowing how to create the “After” shot using specialized equipment, creating the lighting, composing the shot and being attentive to details. Last Saturday’s shoot was no exception. Ken and Katie from Revington Renovations wanted to have a newly renovated kitchen captured. They are interested in entering it into an annual design competition and needed photos for their entry. They wanted something different and knew that they could not derive the “After” result themselves. As Ken says just because you have a hammer does not make you a professional renovator. So with a little tweeking of the details in the kitchen and adding some faux sunlight I had my “After” result.
The "After" shot

The “After” shot

No matter what your need hire the “Professionals” to do what they do best to take the final result into the “After” state. Ken’s client was – they were blown away by the final result with their kitchen. JD1341 Revington Kitchen 29207 Web JD1341 Revington Watts LR Wall 529243 Web Moral of the story – we can all create the “Before” result but if you want the “After” look then leave it to the professionals whether it is a professional renovator like Revington, a graphic designer creating your brand or an architectural photographer – you’ll be glad you did!

February 28, 2016 by iangrant

"Corporate imagery professionally captured”