“Shoot what you want”

Earlier this year I got a call from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) in Ottawa inquiring about my availability to capture some generic industrial images that they could use to market industry. When I asked what they wanted shot their reply was “shoot what you want”. I love clients who say “shoot what you want”. Having the freedom to go with the flow and capture what is presented is very refreshing – blank pallet have brush. Although it was a cold blustery winter day (-25 wind chill) we just dressed a little warmer and ventured out into the clear blue sky day using the sun to guide us around site. Tim and his Suncor crew went out of their way to make sure that I had safe access to the areas desired and was kept warm. We even managed to share a few laughs along the way and I got to “shoot what you want”. Another happy client – I love my job!
NRCan Industry ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

NRCan Industry ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

JD1270 NRCan Suncor 267 1 JD1270 NRCan Suncor 251 1 JD1270 NRCan Suncor 236 1 JD1270 NRCan Suncor 228 1 JD1270 NRCan Suncor 178 1 JD1270 NRCan Suncor 161 1 JD1270 NRCan Suncor 148 1 JD1270 NRCan Suncor 121 1 JD1270 NRCan Suncor 87 1 JD1266 NRCann Suncor 51 JD1266 NRCann Suncor 13 1

May 8, 2015 by iangrant

"Corporate imagery professionally captured”