Hockey MBA …. Truy Canadian

I picked up the phone and heard her say “Hey Ian how would you like to photograph Ritch Winter’s and Brian Burke’s photos for us for our new Hockey MBA program we are about to launch”? I replied are you kidding me? I’d love to – a chance to photograph two icons from the professional hockey world – wahoo! Both gentleman had endorsed the Hockey MBA program that Athabasca University was about to launch and they needed some editorial portraits of each taken in Edmonton and Calgary. Some quick online research gave me some insight and valuable background information on these two iconic hockey shakers and movers. From what I was reading they were two very different personalities so I knew my work was cut out for me. First stop, Ritch Winter’s office in Edmonton and then a couple days later down to Calgary to capture Brian’s photograph in the Calgary Flames dressing room. Having grown up on the prairie’s and played hockey my whole life going into a professional teams dressing room was a real treat. Same smell, stalls and gear just much bigger and better hockey players than I. Athabasca has been at the forefront of creating, developing and launching new MBA programs and their new Hockey MBA is not only a market first but built on the age old Canadian tradition of hockey.
© Ian Grant Inc. - Ritch Winter - Athabasca Hockey MBA

© Ian Grant Inc. – Athabasca Hockey MBA

© Ian Grant Inc. - Brian Burke - Athabasca Hockey MBA

© Ian Grant Inc. – Brian Burke – Athabasca Hockey MBA

December 30, 2014 by iangrant

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