Watching the Grizzlies and Salmon run

I had the pleasure of traveling to Kitimat, BC for Stantec to capture the work that they are doing for the new KLNG site. It is very mountainous terrain and a challenge to engineer the roads that they have designed for access to the proposed LNG facility. I was there for two days capturing all aspects of their activity and also had the pleasure of seeing the salmon run in the river. Tens of thousands were making their way upstream to spawn. Being a prairie boy I had never witnessed that before – awesome site. We also happened on a couple of smaller grizzly cubs making their way along the river bank to participate in the feast in front of them. Was a great way to wrap up two glorious days of shooting. Stantec Kitimat 254 Stantec Kitimat 196 Stantec Kitimat 185 Stantec Kitimat 135 Stantec Kitimat 117 Stantec Kitimat 68 Stantec Kitimat 54
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Stantec KLNG – Kitimat. BC

September 12, 2014 by iangrant

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