I love to shoot in small spaces

As an Architectural photographer we are constantly being challenged. Small spaces are no exception. The angles we chose to shoot from, where to place our lights etc are all a part of the problem solving process. Once figured out it is a rush to see the final result for the effort made. I had a client call last week (Sandra Sing Fernandes of PHABRIK art+design) wondering if I could come and take some photos of her place for her archives. It is a small house her and her husband had bought several years ago and she has been adding her artistic flare to the space ever since. She redesigned the whole space but kept some of the 100 year old personality intact. The result – a funky, three storey artsy place they call home. It has a cat walk from the master to the office that overlooks the river valley and a set of fir stairs that lead from there down to the main floor – very cool! Front Gate 4 © Ian Grant Inc.© Ian Grant Inc.© Ian Grant Inc.© Ian Grant Inc.© Ian Grant Inc.

June 6, 2014 by iangrant

"Corporate imagery professionally captured”