No leaves, no grass – no problem, we have a solution

Many people often think that once the leaves drop and we get snow on the ground our season is over for capturing exteriors architecturally. Fresh snowfall is actually a great opportunity to capture exteriors differently. On newly constructed structures it can hide unfinished landscaping or newly seeded grass areas. It also offers an alternative when the leaves have all fallen and winter is in full bloom. These are two homes that I had the pleasure of capturing for Rescom Inc. are a good example of that. I had photographed them both before the snowfall but unfortunately all the leaves were already off the trees. With the architectural features of each of these homes being completely different I suggested to Rescom we consider capturing them in early morning light and fresh snow. It also lets their audience know that they work year round in this northern climate we chose to live in. Rescom Modern Home Sunrise ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography Rescom Modern Home Sunrise ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography  

November 12, 2013 by iangrant

"Corporate imagery professionally captured”