“All Aboard” for beer at MKT Beer Market

What else is there to do on a cool fall morning at 530 AM. What you may ask? Well let me tell you. It is the opportune time to shoot the interior of a great new restaurant that serves more varieties of beer than any other in the city. Situated in the old train station on Whyte Ave and 102nd Street MKT Beer Market recently went under the renovation knife to create a new look. Century Hospitality Group owns MKT Beer Market and hired AJ Interiors to lead the construction with CK Design Associates coordinating the interior design. Jorges from AJ Interiors called and wanted me to capture this new space. He was most interested in the bar and the new Keg Wall that his company built. My first stop was to capture the bar and eating space within. When you want into the space you can feel and sense the people that have passed through the train station doors for decades. They still do except now they just come to socialize and taste great beer and food rather than kiss their loved ones goodbye while running for train as the conductor hollers “All aboard”. I purposely took a “Before” shot on this assignment to illustrate the difference it makes to add lights when capturing well designed space. The “After” shot required strategically placing nine lights inside and outside the space.

MKT Beer Market “Before”- Image ©Ian Grant Photography

MKT Beer Market “After”- Image ©Ian Grant Photography


October 26, 2012 by iangrant

"Corporate imagery professionally captured”