Amongst the “Cow Pies”

Had a chance to don my rubber boats yesterday and shoot some dairy cows for Alberta Milk. Imagine sending a city boy out to pasture to crawl around on my hands and knees with orders to  capture images of the Holstein’s, Jersey’s, Aryshire’s, Guernsey’s and Short Horn’s laying and feeding in the field and also watch for the infamous cow pies. They all look the same to me, cows that is. I am told by the proprietors that each of them (over 3 dozen) has their own name too. For those of you that don’t know cows are a curious sort. Some of them had to come close and check out what this new species was crawling around on his belly trying to blend in so that I could get the “shot”.  It must have been quite a site from the side lines – I am sure that the dairy farmer’s Brenda and Brody were provided with some comic relief for the day. I managed to capture what we came for and went home a little more educated on the difference between a “Jersey” and a “Holstein” – for today anyways.

Aryshire – ©Ian Grant Photography

Holstein- ©Ian Grant Photography

Holstein- ©Ian Grant Photography

Short Horn- ©Ian Grant Photography

Jersey- ©Ian Grant Photography

Holstein calf – ©Ian Grant Photography

August 14, 2012 by iangrant

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