Ian’s mission is to create a win/win photographic experience that exceeds your expectations by capturing outstanding imagery to tell your story visually.

Photography is more than just pushing a button and taking a picture. It is more about listening to you, the client, to determine what your needs are photographically. After all, that is why you are researching photographers – to have some professional photographs taken – right?

Ian will take the time to ask the right questions to determine how you want to present yourself visually, who your market audience is and where you see your images being used. Something as simple as: are the captures all to be horizontal or vertical in orientation? Are we shooting to a layout, will all be discussed. Together we can then formulate a strategy to move forward with the photography. Ian’s goal is to create a win/win experience that exceeds your expectations with outstanding imagery to tell your story visually.

All the photography captured by Ian Grant Photography comes with a Client Satisfaction guarantee. Ian is confident that his photography will meet or exceed your expectations.

Often within 24 hours of the capture you will receive a web gallery of images taken for you to review. Unique file names are used making it easy to choose your “Client Selects”.

Once your final selections are made our production team generally requires 48 hours to process, format and deliver the “Client Selects” you’ve chosen. The only thing that can cause a slight delay in delivery is the amount of retouching that may be requested, however Ian will let you know in advance of delivery times associated.

Ian Grant Photography owns the copyright on all images taken. Licensing and usage rates are typically negotiated on a job by job basis following industry standards. So, no surprises.