Revington creates a new home within an old skin

Revingotn Renovations has done it again! I always like working with the Revington team capturing their new spaces. This home was no exception. It was an extensive gut of an existing home and rebuilt from the outside walls in. Walls were moved and added to create this refreshing space from master bedroom to main floor living space to basement. AMR Interior Designs complimented the renovation with their interior design flair – great job team! You made my job an easy one!

JD1347 Revington Pollock Front Entry 8267 Web

JD1347 Revington 8100 Web JD1347 Revington Pollock 8160 Web  JD1347 Revington Pollock 8194 Web         JD1347 Revington Pollock Kitchen 8401 Web     JD1347 Revington Pollock Living Room  8434 Web JD1347 Revington Pollock Living Room  8458 Web JD1347 Revington Pollock Master Bath 8538B Web

JD1341 Revington Pollock Patio 29631 FB

Dental and Orthodontic offices are not what they used to be

Over the last couple of years I have had the pleasure of capturing several newly developed dentist and orthodontic office spaces. They certainly aren’t what they were when I was a kid. Now they boast in house sterilization, CAD casting, inviting reception and seating areas, coffee bars and overhead TV’s to help you relax as you recline in the dentist chair. Windermere Orthodontics is no exception. Designed by the all female team at Wolski Design and project managed by Parmas Development Inc. this new space was a challenge and a treat to capture. Normally I capture these spaces at dusk when the outside ambience is lower and more closely matches that of the interior space. This time I decided to try something different to make use of the abundance of sunlight coming into the space. All in a days work at the office as an architectural photographer.

JD1363 Wolski Ortho Reception 31618 Web©Ian Grant Inc. PhotographyJD1363 Wolski Windemere Ortho Hygene 31483 WebJD1363 Wolski Windemere Ortho Steri 31574 WebJD1363 Wolski Windemere Ortho Bd Rm 31583 WebJD1363 Wolski Windemere Ortho Office 31705 WebJD1363 Wolski Windermere Ortho Office 31283 Web©Ian Grant Inc. Photography©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

All girl design team creates stunning medical office spaces

Wolski Design is an all girl design team whose niche market is the dental and medical office space client. Their sense of design, attention to individual client needs and detail has won them numerous contracts for dental and medical office space design. I am pleased to be a part of their team capturing these great spaces. I recently had the pleasure of photographing Denta Care, Nuvo Dental and Rao Dermatology for them. They make my job easy when the spaces are stunning and there is no shortage of angles to capture. Great job ladies!

Denta Care

Denta Care_Lunch Kitchen 29642WM

Denat Care_Oratory 2 229704_WM Dental Galllery_29709710 Operatory Pano

Nuvo Dental

JD1305 Wolski Nuvo Hallway Coffee Bar 22155 Web

JD1305 Wolski Nuvo Seating Reception 21945 Web

JD1305 Wolski Nuvo Seating Reception 21897901905 Pano Web

JD1305 Wolski Nuvo Hallway 2 Operatory 22000 Web

JD1305 Wolski Nuvo Kitchen 219707276 Pano Web

JD1305 Wolski Nuvo Operatory 21872 Web

JD1305 Wolski Nuvo Model 21842 Web

JD1305 Wolski Nuvo Operatory 2 Pano 8525456 Web

JD1305 Nuvo Details 11 Web

JD1305 Wolski Nuvo Hallway Coffee Bar 22171 Web

JD1305 Wolski Nuvo Patio 22322 Web

Rao Dermatology

JD1329 Wolski Rao Dermatology27297

JD1329 Wolski Rao Dermatology27273

JD1329 Wolski Rao Derma Seating 27408

JD1329 Wolski Rao Dermatology Bd Rm 2730405 Pano

JD1329 Wolski Rao Derma L Washroom 27377

JD1329 Wolski Rao Dermatology Peel Rm 27331

JD1329 Wolski Rao Derma Details 27413

Innovative Interior Designer – Vanessa Warawa

This last fall I was invited to capture a new homes space situated on a ravine lot in old SW Edmonton. The interior designer, Vanessa Warawa of VW Designs, had asked me to scout her newest project to determine what the best views were to capture the essence of the space. Now I have had the chance to photograph many homes but this one was breathtaking both inside to out, wide open spaces, expansive window features and tall ceilings all collectively work together in harmony to build its personality. Modern in design Vanessa used a variety of materials to finish the space. She also used her extensive experience in lighting design and fixture selection to create a distinguished mood in the home at nighttime. The new owners commented to me several times how delighted they were with her efforts and how she was so easy to work with. Vanessa is an up and coming interior designer in Edmonton you can contact her by phone at (780) 691-4702 or email her at I am sure we will see some of her distinguished work appear in Western Canadian magazines in the near future. Thanks Vanessa for the opportunity!

JD1321 VWDesign Ext Pano 112 Web

JD1321 VWDesign Great Rm 25986 Web

JD1321 VWDesign Great Rm Dusk 26385 Web


JD1321 VWDesign G Rm Dusk Base 26391 Web

JD1321 VWDesign Kitchen 26652 Web

JD1321 VWDesign MBedrm 326015 Web

JD1321 VWDesign Master Bath 2845961 Pano Web

JD1321 VWDesign Fam Rm 26436 Web


“Before” an “After” – Professionally Speaking

In today’s market everyone has a camera, be it an iPhone, Android or conventional DSLR. Many wonder why they should hire a “professional” when they can “take it themselves”. The marketing machines technology leads us to believe that the cameras now can do anything with all the algorithms that they have embedded in their firmware and all you have to do is “push” the button.  Let’s classify these as the “Before”captures.

The Before shot

The Before shot

Thankfully there is still the need for a professional to capture an “After” image that the general folk can not create. We bring to the table years of experience knowing how to create the “After” shot using specialized equipment, creating the lighting, composing the shot and being attentive to details. Last Saturday’s shoot was no exception. Ken and Katie from Revington Renovations wanted to have a newly renovated kitchen captured. They are interested in entering it into an annual design competition and needed photos for their entry. They wanted something different and knew that they could not derive the “After” result themselves. As Ken says just because you have a hammer does not make you a professional renovator. So with a little tweeking of the details in the kitchen and adding some faux sunlight I had my “After” result.

The "After" shot

The “After” shot

No matter what your need hire the “Professionals” to do what they do best to take the final result into the “After” state. Ken’s client was – they were blown away by the final result with their kitchen.

JD1341 Revington Kitchen 29207 Web

JD1341 Revington Watts LR Wall 529243 Web

Moral of the story – we can all create the “Before” result but if you want the “After” look then leave it to the professionals whether it is a professional renovator like Revington, a graphic designer creating your brand or an architectural photographer – you’ll be glad you did!

Its just drywall right?

B. Wright Drywall Inc. has been in business for over 25 years. Blayne Wright, the owner , has worked very hard to build his business and become the premier drywall provider for the residential market in the Edmonton region. He told me they average over a 100 homes per month installing, mudding and taping drywall. So when Blayne and his team came to me requesting photos for their new website we sat down and discussed how they would like to be presented visually. Having grown up with construction as a kid I knew what construction sites were like during the drywall phase – they are not necessarily the most photogenic environments. I promised Blayne that I would create something visually that was completely different setting him apart from his competition. I decided to let my lighting be my guide creatively. Picking up on the train of thought “taking it outside the box”, I played with my lights placing them outside the box of the home to see what happened. Whoah very cool results came up on the computer as I worked my way through the different sites – the interplay of shadows and highlights with a drywaller in place – who’d of thought it might work!

JD1279 B Wright Drywall_Insulating 16766 JD1279 B Wright Drywall_Insulating 16776

B Wright Drywall ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

B Wright Drywall ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

B Wright Drywall ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

B Wright Drywall ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

B Wright Drywall ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

B Wright Drywall ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

B Wright Drywall ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

B Wright Drywall ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

B Wright Drywall ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

B Wright Drywall ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

B Wright Drywall ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

B Wright Drywall ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

JD1279 B Wright Drywall_Multi Family 17235

“Don’t let the cat out”

I am very fortunate to work with a great group of clients who trust me and give me free rein to capture images for their marketing and advertising needs. They often say Ian we want something different. In this day of everyone having a camera and at the push of a button able to take a picture and often get decent results it is even more critical that as professionals we offer something different and take it to the next level. Revington Renovations is no exception. The owner proudly showed me some images that he captured with his camera of spaces that they had renovated. When he saw how I work setting lights, being attentive to details and propping the shot in each instance he commented “I get it – just because you have a hammer doesn’t make you a carpenter”. I smiled and asked him to close the door so that we “don’t let the cat out”.

Revingron home  renovations ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

Revingron home renovations ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

JD1269 Kitchen 2_16283 JD1269 Kitchen Corner_16307 JD1269 L Dining_15570

JD1269 Main Bath Orchids 14660 JD1269 Revington Kendall MBed 14581

Revington home renovations ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

Revington home renovations ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography


“Shoot what you want”

Earlier this year I got a call from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) in Ottawa inquiring about my availability to capture some generic industrial images that they could use to market industry. When I asked what they wanted shot their reply was “shoot what you want”. I love clients who say “shoot what you want”. Having the freedom to go with the flow and capture what is presented is very refreshing – blank pallet have brush.

Although it was a cold blustery winter day (-25 wind chill) we just dressed a little warmer and ventured out into the clear blue sky day using the sun to guide us around site. Tim and his Suncor crew went out of their way to make sure that I had safe access to the areas desired and was kept warm. We even managed to share a few laughs along the way and I got to “shoot what you want”. Another happy client – I love my job!

NRCan Industry ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

NRCan Industry ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

JD1270 NRCan Suncor 267 1 JD1270 NRCan Suncor 251 1 JD1270 NRCan Suncor 236 1 JD1270 NRCan Suncor 228 1 JD1270 NRCan Suncor 178 1 JD1270 NRCan Suncor 161 1 JD1270 NRCan Suncor 148 1 JD1270 NRCan Suncor 121 1 JD1270 NRCan Suncor 87 1 JD1266 NRCann Suncor 51 JD1266 NRCann Suncor 13 1

Tesla turns up the heat in the desert

Each trip into Palm Springs offers me the opportunity to capture architecture that is unique unto itself . The architecture is mix of old and new that is complimented with regional desert landscape featuring cactus, palm trees and a variety of flowering species that thrive in the desert heat. A new species of car has arrived in the desert, Tesla’s new model “S” fully electric car, and it is adding more heat to the competition in an already saturated auto market. They hope to reduce our dependency on the internal combustion engine with their revolutionary electric car. Their new dealership is also different in its presentation. It is a stark white building with clean lines, simple design and bold branding using “Tesla” logo to standout against the desert landscape and San Jacinto mountain range. Several versions of their new Model “S” sedan are displayed inside and out for new buyers to experience. Hats off to the Tesla team for creating a unique brand of vehicle that is functional, practical and powerful. I look forward to their arrival in the Western Canadian market.

Palm Springs Tesla Dealership - image ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

Palm Springs Tesla Dealership – image ©Ian Grant Inc. Photography

PalmSprings_2015April28 Tesla 17729 PalmSprings_2015April28 Tesla 17737

The iconic Sunset Tower Hotel on Sunset Boulevard

I got a call from a client out of Montreal asking me “hey Ian want to shoot a project for us in Los Angeles”. Now understand this call came in October leading into winter so of course my reply was “absolutely”. They had just completed a project providing lighting for the exterior of the iconic Sunset Tower Hotel. For those of you that don’t know this hotel it was built in 1929 on Sunset Boulevard. It has a storied past that includes Colonel Klink from Hogan’s Hero’s TV show refusing to move out until the site was designated a historic landmark to avoid demolition. His efforts were successful of course and now I get a chance to photograph it’s exterior in all its glory – wow what an assignment!

© Ian Grant Inc. Photography

Hanging out and waiting for the light at the lounge deck of the Sunset Tower Hotel

Sunset Tower Ext 027

© Ian Grant Inc. Photography © Ian Grant Inc. Photography© Ian Grant Inc. Photography